Mini Excavator

Gross Power - 15.0 HP

Operating Weight - 4,023 lb

Dig Depth - 7' 9"

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Mini Excavator

Gross Power - 19.6 HP

Operating Weight - 6,085 lb

Dig Depth - 9' 3"

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SY35U Cab
Mini Excavator

Gross Power - 24.4 HP

Operating Weight - 8,499 lb

Dig Depth - 10' 2"

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Compact Excavator

Gross Power - 39.0 HP

Operating Weight - 11,684 lb

Dig Depth - 11' 3"

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Compact Excavator

Gross Power - 56.9 HP

Operating Weight - 13,448 lb

Dig Depth - 13' 0"

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Compact Excavator

Gross Power - 57.7 HP

Operating Weight - 16,050 lb

Dig Depth - 14' 7"

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Compact Excavator

Gross Power - 73.0 HP

Operating Weight - 19,401 lb

Dig Depth - 14' 10.5"

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Compact Excavator

Gross Power - 72 HP

Operating Weight - 20,238 lb

Dig Depth - 14' 2"

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Compact Excavator

Gross Power - 103.3 HP

Operating Weight - 32,783 lb

Dig Depth - 18' 1"

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Compact Excavator

Gross Power - 105.0 HP

Operating Weight - 35,274 lb

Dig Depth - 17' 11"

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Medium Excavator

Gross Power - 163.6 HP

Operating Weight - 51,919 lb

Dig Depth - 21' 8"

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Medium Excavator

Gross Power - 163.6 HP

Operating Weight - 54,013 lb

Dig Depth - 21' 8"

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Medium Excavator

Gross Power - 194.4 HP

Operating Weight - 59,525 lb

Dig Depth - 22' 0"

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Medium Excavator

Gross Power - 190.4 HP

Operating Weight - 69,446 lb

Dig Depth - 43' 8"

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Large Excavator

Gross Power - 275 HP

Operating Weight - 80,910 lb

Dig Depth - 23' 11"

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Large Excavator

Gross Power - 400 HP

Operating Weight - 120,152 lb

Dig Depth - 25' 3"

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There’s A New Way to Buy an Excavator.

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High Mountain Forestry and Equipment

High Mountain Forestry and Equipment was started on January 1, 2021 when Josh Marcussen and Brian Miller decided to merge their 50 years of experience. Josh has over 20 years of experience as a mechanic and business owner and Brain has over 30 years of experience as a mechanic.

In December 2020 HMFE invested in the SANY America Equipment Line. Machines arrived late December 2020 and the SANY Line of Excavators have been selling as fast as they are received here in northwest Montana.

We strive daily to make sure our customers are taken care of in a timely manner. We are not just about the sale of equipment. We promise to help our customers, service and maintain their equipment and offer our support and knowledge for the life of their machine.

HMFE is a great group of individuals who work as a team and put customers first!


Tough Equipment for Tough Applications™

SANY builds some of the toughest equipment on the planet. SANY equipment delivers incredible durability, reliability and dependable uptime that companies around the world rely on, day in and day out.

Industry's Strongest Warranty - 5-Year 5,000 Hours

Industry-Leading Warranty

SANY equipment is backed with the industry’s best warranty along with our ongoing commitment to rigorous testing and product innovation.

Maximum Uptime Performance

Reliability means profitability, and we know you’re counting on it. That’s why SANY equipment is built to take on the tough work, hour after hour, day after day. When service is necessary, our support team is close at hand, around the clock.

SANY Depot, Time is Money

More Standard Features

We don’t believe you should pay extra for the options you need to get the job done. What our competitors call “extras,” SANY considers standard features.

Standard LED Lights
Pre-Plumbed Auxiliary Lines
Responsive Joystick
Pattern Change Valve

World-Leading Components

Because you’re counting on SANY, we only build with the best in America, sourcing operating components from trusted brands like Yanmar, Kawasaki, Honeywell, and Rexroth. Our team includes the most skilled technicians, dedicated men and women charged with keeping equipment up and running.


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